AkimZasdBus – Hotel Fox.

Hotel Fox er et velkjent designhotel i Køben, men i dag kom jeg over 3 rom designet av noen writers.

Info om rommet:

Urban views. “The things that we say change us. We change the things that we see. Things get mixed up. Shapes change… Our thoughts about what we have seen are not fixed: we play with them constantly.” In designing his room, Bus concentrated on doing what he says he always does: “Making people understand that we can’t understand anything. That means, in this space for example, that the process of drawing has a random beginning and a random end – in between is unknown territory. Once you let go of form and yourself then everything is free.”

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Urban culture. In Copenhagen Zasd has taken his impressions of the city literally and brought them into this room. “Normally I come and tag the place – I leave something. Now I’m taking the city’s tag, its imprint with me. I’m stealing a structure surface to implant into my own style.” Zasd hopes his room will inspire one or two guests to “move around the city, maybe visit the spots where I got my fill-ins and see it with their own eyes, hear it with their own ears, smell it. Just to open up their perception.”

Font and Function: A writer is a nomad. Travelling from urban space to urban space, he leaves his traces on every possible surface. In his first major collaboration with fellow writer Mind from Prague, the duo Akimind created a room for all travellers – based upon the philosophy of writing, but in the most subtle way. So that all guests feel comfortable. This room is polite and functional. Writings become pleasant patterns. Letters evolve into furniture. Furniture, based upon the distinctive font of Akim, that can be converted for all needs of a true guest: A moveable bed. A pull down wardrobe. Sliding doors. Recover, work, chill, discover. Foreign becomes familiar. Writing becomes functional.

Hentet herfra.

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