Aroe i New Delhi

Heavy Artillery Crew er en forholdsvis ny gruppering av writere fra forskjellige europeiske land. Nettsiden er sterkt anbefalt og den siste posten spesielt.

“within seconds of me sketching the ‘S’ of a MSK block the street was packed with onlookers and beggars watching me blast a whole tin of chrome onto the main street hot spot. Did i say hot? not only was the temperature 45 degrees but the wall was part of the childrens hospital. The security guards started pouring out of the gates to see why the street was packed with people only to find yours truly redecorating their dull but unblemished main wall with what they refered to as ‘printing’???”

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Postet av Reyo

[ 2C ] [ June 26, 2009 ] [ Graffiti ]

  1. Christian
    June 26th, 2009 at 10:38

    Veldig morsomt, fant den på Revok1.com også.

  2. Yk
    June 26th, 2009 at 15:52

    Reiseposter er alltid gøy!