IVY LEAGUE – The Brains EP

Fred Fades er ute med rykende fersk EP. The Oslo SP Ensemble (han selv, Deckdaddy & John Rice) har laget EPn i samarbeid med IVY League, og er sluppet på Fred Fades sitt nyoppstarta label Reppin Outta Control.

Fred Fades slapp en mail i postkassa vår der han beskriver slippet litt nærmere:
So… Finally, here we go… The long awaited Ivy League EP is here. “The Brains EP”. Vinyl only, limited to 300 copies. It arrived yesterday and I had to drive all over the bay in Oslo to find the fucking warehouse who had them. The EP is a collaboration between The Oslo SP Ensemble (which is Fredfades, Deckdaddy & John Rice) and Ivy League. It is released on my own, newly started label Reppin Outta Control. Most of the people who check my blog might know Deckdaddy & John Rice. You might not know Ivy League thou. He is a super skilled norwegian rapper, rapping in english. We teamed up about a year ago, and here’s the result. A six track long EP on vinyl, with instrumental versions for all the tracks. The quality on the vinyl is superb, and the sound aswell – It’s mastered by Christian @ Strype Studios in Oslo… Thanks Christian. The whole EP is produced on the legendary SP1200, and all raps are recorded between the shelves in my vinyl storage room on a cheap microphone. But it still sounds super crisp, cause we know how to listen to music and how to mix our own shit. By the way.. I also did the design for the EP.

01. Nunchuckz
02. What Up Walt Whitman
03. Street Sharks & Biker Mice
04. Necessities
05. Travels Of Ed Grieg
06. I Hate People

Snippets/Promomiksen for The Brains EP: !

Bestill EPn:
- Skiva koster 150 spenn.
- 3 kopier for 400 spenn.
- Fredfades & Blame One 45en fra 2008 koster 50 spenn.
- Du kan overføre penger direkte til bankkontoen min.
- Du kan sende meg penger i konvolutt.
- Du kan møte meg i Oslo.
- Du kan få tilsendt 1-3 kopier i posten for 55 kr.

- Tlf: (+47) 48 19 66 90
- Email: fredfades@gmail.com

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