the Royal Mail; Design Classics

Super tight og fin frimekerserie har blitt utarbeidet for the Royal Mail av Designbyrået HGV og fotograf Jason Tozer.

Fotografen har en interresant refleksjon rundt jobben:
“When you see them all sat there on their familiar stamp perforations it’s also hard to take in how much work it was to get all of these images into print. I know Barbara worked very very hard getting permissions from all the designers or their estates, and for the Royal mail every last detail of each object had to entirely correct & true to the heritage of the designs (quite rightly). This meant that there’s been absolutely no cheating (can you believe it in 2008!) in the sourcing & photography of the objects. None of them are models or facsimiles of the real thing. We travelled down to the national Motor Museum in Beaulieu to shoot one of the very first Minis, Stuttgart in Germany for Concorde, an amazing place in Surrey for the phone box, Acton transport museum for the double decker, & Hendon for the Spitfire. Getting permission to shoot in & move things about in museums is far from easy!”

Veldig flotte saker.
Snappa opp fra CR (igjen.)

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  1. Carl
    November 27th, 2008 at 17:55

    Så uhyre enkelt, og så vel utført!!

  2. Hans Marius
    November 27th, 2008 at 18:53

    Snakker om dyktig forarbeid! Simpelt, grundig og freskt!