Thom Yorke

“Stanley describes the art making process:

This medievalised vision of apocalypse in England’s capital city was carved on 14 pieces of linoleum with one small cutting tool. The original blocks make up a picture about twelve feet long, which has been painstakingly hand-burnished on to beautiful Japanese Kozo paper, as it has so far proved impossible to print this using a press. Thus the edition is extremely small; only 8 have been made.

Each of the 14 sections were first proofed on a huge cast-iron printing press, an Albion made in 1860, scanned, and printed on to large aluminium/polymer composite panels, which in turn were caged with diamond-pattern wire, reminiscent of the Evening Standard headline-boards that infect the capital with their own dire predictions. Each of these panels are 75 cm wide x 140 cm high.” -Sleevage.com

En av de fresheste albumcoverne i 2006 (?). Sjekk Sleevage.com for hauger og lass med cover og litt info om designerne.

Postet av Reyo

[ 1C ] [ July 30, 2007 ] [ Design & Illustrasjon - Musikk ]

  1. didrik
    July 30th, 2007 at 12:30

    såvidt jeg vet ble disse lino-trykkene først laget til en utstilling, så fant thom ut at han ville ha de på coveret sitt. et solid stykke arbeid er det uansett. platen er forresten meget fin den og.