Vier5- Nynynyny Typografi

“I first saw the work of French design team Vier5 (Marco Fiedler and Achim Reichert) in Tokion magazine a couple of years ago, but for almost a decade they have been creating what they call “new forward-looking images in the field of visual communication.” They have also repeatedly referred to their work as modern — by which I take them to mean not Modern as it has come to be understood, but modern as in contemporary. The duo is adamant that our times require their own letterforms — the typefaces of yesterday will not suffice. This is an ambitious project, and it carries with it an implicit critique, not so much of the Modernists of a half century ago, but of the decades of designers since who have passively forfeited the idea of being new to their predecessors.”

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[ 1C ] [ March 31, 2007 ] [ Design & Illustrasjon ]

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